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Bonland requires that all jobsites conduct a minimum of one Toolbox Talk per month. On many sites, these talks are done weekly. The talks primarily concentrate on safety topics pertinent to our industry, but also include safety away from the workplace.

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Date Issued Toolbox Topic / Discussion View
 June 2021  Auditing Ourselves  Click HERE
 May 2021  Emergency Preparation – Maintaining Safe Exit Routes  Click HERE
 April 2021  Lockout/Tagout – Forms of Hazardous Energy  Click HERE
 March 2021  New Co-Workers  Click HERE
 February 2021  Safe Lifting and Carrying Practices  Click HERE
 January 2021  Lithium Battery Handling  Click HERE
 December 2020  How the Cold Weather Impacts Muscles  Click HERE
 November 2020  Safe Lifting Practices  Click HERE
 October 2020  Auditing Ourselves  Click HERE
 September 2020  Thunderstorm and Lightning Hazards  Click HERE
 August 2020  Use Safety Glasses Properly  Click HERE
 July 2020  Close Calls  Click HERE
 June 2020  Hygiene  Click HERE
 May 2020  COVID-19 Corona Virus (2 parts)   Part 1 Part 2
 March 2020  7 Common Accident Causes  Click HERE
 February 2020  The 10 Commandments of Good Safety Habits  Click HERE
 January 2020  Reporting Unsafe Equipment  Click HERE
 December 2019  Hard Hats  Click HERE
 November 2019  Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians  Click HERE
 October 2019  Sprains and Strains  Click HERE
 September 2019  Roof Safety  Click HERE
 August 2019  Manual Handling of Materials  Click HERE
 July 2019  Using a Hand Truck  Click HERE
 June 2019  Weather Hazards  Click HERE
 May 2019  Treating Minor Wounds  Click HERE
 April 2019  Importance of Safety Talks  Click HERE
 March 2019  Foot Protection  Click HERE
 February 2019  Winter Clothing and Frostbite  Click HERE
 Januray 2019  Working Alone  Click HERE